Press Kit

Dear press-person, please download this press kit we have created for you, with information about the film, its outreach project, its crew and selected photographs. Thank you for your critical support in spreading the word about the importance of our rocks to the culture and ecological survival of Hyderabad. Please contact us for anything else: otherkohinoors@gmail.com 

Press Articles


An online session to decode Deccan rock formations in medieval art - The Hindu

April 14, 2021


The Real Rockstars - The Hindu

February 16, 2021


Songs on the Rocks - The New Indian Express

February 11, 2021


రాళ్లపై రాస్తోన్న.. రాజధానికో ప్రేమలేఖ..!  - Eenadu

January 20, 2021


Other Kohinoors: A Rock Solid Connection to Hyderabadi History - India Currents

January 11, 2022


Trailer Reviews

It has fallen beautifully into a poetic meditative paced film I enjoyed viewing

I loved it! In fact I saw it twice and both times felt a deep sense of nostalgia and an impending sense of dread...


Acting Director Annapurna Film

I'm seeing Hyderabad in whole new light!

The trailor is beautiful!! Poignant and heartbreaking. Thank you for a beautiful film, I have access to trailer only, waiting for full film. Missing hyderabad! (where i've done research and return almost every year. alas, corona virus keeping me away, so the film caught my heart in special way.)