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Following are the steps of the Other Kohinoors Project Plan:

  1. Screening of Film: We have put in place a roster of screenings of the film at diverse city spaces.
  2. Accompanying Dialogue: Each screening will be accompanied by a speaker / panel to raise dialogue about the rocks of the city, their value to ecological health, lung space and water resources of the city and the pride of place of the rocks in the city's culture.
  3. Nomination for Follow up: Each screening space will nominate a member to follow up in the matter. This will create a larger pro-active group of persons who understand the importance of preserving the geoheritage of the city of Hyderabad alongside sensibly planned development.
  4. Interactive Workshops: The Project will follow up in conducting interactive workshops with this larger group, in cooperation with Society to Save Rocks. The workshops will focus on knowledge building, the consequences of environmental degradation, attitude change, skill development, creative expression and participation via positive action. Creativity, experiential learning and problem solving activities will form part of the workshop method.
  5. Goals: The goal will be to put in place actionable ideas to further save the rocks and allied geoheritage of Hyderabad.
  6. Impact Assessment:  We will create benchmarks to accomplish the strategies along a timeline and assess the strategies as we implement them. 
Eventually we want a city that retains its geoheritage and not just in memory. Hyderabadi's hold beloved in their collectve memory the city's magnificent balancing rocks, its myriad lakes holding their water supply and hosting their swimming and fishing, wild custard apple bushes, red velvet creatures that came crawling out at the onset of the first rains, peacocks, pink flamingoes, a variety of flora and fauna... The Other Kohinoors Project believes that the city can, even today, undertake development that is planned so as not to wipe out all that was once treasured. This effort will leave future generations with a vibrantly modern city unlike any other Indian city. One that benefits from having the pulse of the 21st century and is in tune with its realities, but also one that continues with its rock solid heritage. A city that will have breathing spaces that can be explored ; "rock bathing" walks that can be treasured, just as "forest bathing" is in other parts of the world ;  educational trips that will help our youth and newer citizens understand the uniqueness of these rock formations, the ecological blessings of the rocks, and last but not least (!) -  the rock influenced, uniquely Dakhani, humour filled sensibility that wraps the culture, art, poetry, music, food, myths and legends of Hyderabad.
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